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Fr George Wagner Assembly 2508

The 4th degree assembly meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Faithful Navigator  -  Frank Barta - 741-7751
Faithful Comptroller - Steve Reynolds  769-5870
Faithful Friar - Dcn Jim Black  734-2111
Faithful Captain - AB Parker  732-8088
Faithful Admiral - Dalton Bryan  808-1481
Faithful Purser - Richard Ary - 343-3215
Faithful Pilot - John McCarthy  737-3743
Faithful Scribe - Paul Streets - 733-3096
Inner Sentinel - Sal Borrego  732-5969
Outer Sentinel - Roland Branham  996-7166
One Year Trustee - John McCarthy  737-3743
Two Year Trustee - Charles Gambitta  670-1285
Three Year Trustee - AB Parker  732-8088

If you plan on joining the Fourth Degree, you are required to wear the OFFICIAL REGALIA DRESS for MEMBERS below (Candidates - you will be given the baldric & lapel pin at your exemplification.)

The Fourth Degree member official regalia dress is as follows:
- Black Tuxedo
- Plain White Tuxedo Shirt - pleated and with collar (No wing tip collars)
- Black Bow Tie
- Tuxedo Studs and Cuff Links
- Black Cummerbund (No Vests)
- Black Footwear
- Social Baldric (Worn under the coat, from right shoulder to left hip)
- Lapel Pin (The only pin worn on the lapel is the official pin of the Fourth Degree
- Name Badge. (optional)

A member serving in the armed forces is in proper attire when wearing the Class A dress uniform. He does not wear a baldric.